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Picking The Perfect Combination

Picking The Perfect Combination

Pairing wine and food isn’t simply a case of picking the best wine and the best food and hoping they’ll work together!

A better approach would be to select the wine or dish you want as part of your next visit to Cóte Brasserie, and then calling upon our knowledgeable employees to help you ensure that they complement one another.

The perfect combinations will do more than simply match up, they will enhance the flavours, aromas and characteristics of the wine and avoid the kind of clashes that could potentially ruin an incredible dish.

If you are unsure where to start, we’ve provided this guide to two fantastic wines which we are offering this month. In fact, if you book a January visit in advance for two or more people using this link, we’ll give you a bottle of either of these wines on us!

The Perfect Companion for a Maison L’Aiglan

Our first choice is a Maison L’Aiglan which originates from the Pay D’Oc region of France. The smooth flavours and fruity aromas are a result of heavy rainfall which ripens the Chardonnay grapes.

When looking for a fantastic dish to accompany this versatile wine, look no further than our chicken and walnut salad or consider dishes with asparagus or hollandaise sauce. The rich flavours of the wine will work in perfect harmony with the walnuts in particular.

When to Choose a Chemin De Marquiere

If red wine is for you, then consider a Chemin De Marquiere alongside our roast duck breast, a steak or even a charcuterie board.

A great deal of care and attention goes into this wine, with the grapes tasted throughout the process to ensure they are maturing in the right way to produce a smooth, velvety wine with a slight plummy flavour.

Our producer grows the black Merlot grapes on south facing slopes with plenty of pebbles providing great drainage. This drainage ensures that the flavours are concentrated and the wine gains a lot of its character from this as a result.

If you’ve already decided which wine or dinner you want as part of your next visit to Côte, remember our staff are always on hand to provide insight on the best accompaniments available on our menu. A well selected pairing will make your evening all the more special.

Why Not Win an Exclusive Evening with Our In-House Wine Expert?

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